the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly

1. I really like biting hearts into slices of bread before putting them into the toaster. It looks cute and makes the area around it browner and toastier and generally better tasting.

2. We started reading The Samurai’s Garden in class today, and since I just finished reading Norwegian Wood (whose protaganist is also a handsome young Japanese man in his 20’s), I keep mistakenly replacing the name Stephen with Toru in my mind. It was alright until today, when we did our timed writing in Lit. Wherever I’d written Toru, I had to go back and replace it with Stephen. This habit needs to end now.

3. People staring at me puzzles me. I’m not a particularly outstanding specimen and it’s a mystery why anyone would choose to allow their gaze to linger on me. When people do look at me for an extended period of time, I usually look up and smile widely. This forces them to a) look away, b) smile quickly at me before looking away, or c) smile and approach me. Generally people do choice A, but about forty percent do B and a rare 10 percent decide to be friendly and talk to me.

4. I make friends in the weirdest places. Bathrooms, lines for roller coasters, flu shot waiting rooms..

5. Ever since Tiffany mentioned Owl City in her blog, I have grown beyond obsessed with him (my favorites are Hello Seattle, Fireflies, Rainbow Veins, Fuzzy Blue Lights,  and Vanilla Twilight!) and other synthpop/electronic music. Hellogoodbye, The Killers, and Rocket to the Moon had been sitting in my iTunes relatively untouched until Tiffany rekindled my love for the strangely affecting falsettos and autotune-generated vibrato of electronic dancepunk. THANKS FANNYBUTT.

6. Speaking of music, isn’t it funny how you like all the music in your iTunes, until you put it on shuffle, then you only like about 10 percent of the songs in your iTunes.

7. Seven is one of my favorite numbers, along with 10 and 17. In order, it would be 7, 17 and 10. It should be 7, 10, 17 but I don’t really like even numbers so it’s 7, 17, and 10. A cookie if you can guess why those particular numbers.

8. As of recently, I’ve lost my apetite for cookies or chocolates or flour/eggs/milk based sweets in general. This is because during the summer, I spent four days a week in SF where I ate no sugary food at all. I would buy chow mein and gnocchi from the same stand every day, and fresh fruits from the farmer’s market on Post twice a week. I had relatively NO sugar that summer, except for Otter pops and my birthday cake (but I didn’t even eat my birthday cake because I hate cake), and I’ve kind of carried that mentality into the fall. Right now, all I can stand are crepes (and with very little Nutella), Cadbury’s and Barry Callebaut (Alprose and Jacques chocolate bars), and my fruit and yogurt cereal. Whee.

9. I don’t like the number nine IRL, but I love it in math.

10. Speaking of math, I really like it this year. Math and Chem are the easiest classes out of my easy classes this year – good thing they’re near the end of the day so I don’t have to concentrate much. I have somewhere between a 95 and 97 in chem and a 98 in math.

11. I can’t stand it when people wear skinny jeans and athletic shoes. Or basically just people wearing athletic shoes outside of the gym / field / sports area. THERE ARE NICE SHOES OUT THERE. Please don’t resort to this.

12. I’m pretty sure the guys I like are too old (3 years, 6 years, and 9 years respectively, but one of them is the same age), too far away geographically (3,000 miles), or too cute (all of them). Or all three.

13. I’m not really sure why I wrote this.


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3 responses to “the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly

  1. Ramya

    WHAT???? CHEM IS SOOO HARD. How can it be one of your easiest classes.

  2. Barbie

    You don’t like skinny jeans WITH sneakers or do you just not like skinny jeans?

  3. VJ

    i like my bread liberally buttered and served with a soft boiled egg.

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